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X-ray camera

X-ray camera - The spectator choose a card and put it on the table under his hand. The magician makes an X-ray photo of hand and in the photo appears also the chosen card. Second time is possible to put the chosen card under the foot and the camera shows again an X-ray photo of the foot and there the chosen card...

In the set: Keychain, USB cable for charging batteries, (also possible loading your own photos) and a Swengalli deck of cards for simply forcing a card.

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Get sharky

Get sharky by Anam Cara - The magician performes a masterpiece of a famous magician from the last century. Strange enough - this magician had only one arm... For demonstration purposes the mago puts his right hand into his pocket. With the left hand he holds a deck of playing cards in the direction of a spectator, who is asked to glimpse at one card anywhere in the deck. Right after that the spectator should hold the deck himself. Without any suspicious moves the magician snaps with his fingers. The spectator shall look throug the deck himself to find his own card. He will not be able to do so: His card has vanished! Slowly the magician pulls his right hand out of his pocket. Between his fingers there is one card. Sure... it is the chosen card. A REALLY MIRACLE!!!

Card penetration by Wladimir

Card penetration by Wladimir - The spectator chooses any card from the deck. He signs the card. The magician take the card and push the pen throu the card. Then he takes the pen out and give the card and the pen to the spectator to examination... The spectator may keep the signed card as a souvenir. The card is untouched, has no hole or any scratches, only the spectators signature...

Close-up Rising Cards

Close-up Rising Cards - The spectator can pick any card from the pack. He remember it. Then he puts it back into the deck. Magician then lean the whole pack against the glass. The chosen card arise by itself from the deck... Real magic!

Find the lady

Find the lady - A red card between two black disappears and appears again in the magician's sleeve...

The Perfect Prediction

The Perfect Prediction - The magician put one card face down on to the table. He predict, this is the card, the spectator would think out. Then the spectator names a card. The magician want to show at first all other cards in the deck, to make sure, there is not the spectator's card. But, surprise: all cards are blank, nothing on the face... So magician says "Maybee I took the wrong deck of cards, but it is not so important. Important is the card on the table!" He turns the card over and: IT IS THE SPECTATOR'S CARD!!!

Swengalli deck

Swengalli deck - From the deck of different cards the spectator chooses one, remember it and then return it into the deck. The magician is able immediately find out which card was chosen. But after then he also modify the whole deck into the deck with all the same: the choosen cards. Easy to do and the effect is spectacular!

Wild Cards

Wild Cards - Six cards are, with the help of the seventh wild card, transforming into others value...


Frame-up - The spectator is asked to sign the blanc paper. Magician puts it into his wallet and leave it on the table. The spectator is asked to choose one card from the deck. Now - the spectator is asked again to open pre-prepared envelope lying the table. And itís magic. In the envelope he finds a card - the same as he memorized before. The magician opens the wallet and on the signed blanc paper is now beside the signature also the sign of chosen card. A must have!

Kings Parade

Kings Parade - Magician shows Etui and explained, that inside are 4 Kings. Yesterday, he turned one of them over, because he knows exactly, which one the spectator mostly like - exactly that one! So, the spectator named one King (f. ex. Spades) and exactly that king is turner over. And it has also another back color. Including Videoinstructions on CD rom.

Wild figures

Wild figures - This four-card-trick is very, very convincing. Four kings are modify to four sevens. This card trick need a little skills and with a little practice you can make miracles in your family or among your friends. Instructions enclosed!

Bound Ambition

Bound Ambition - A deck of cards is bended with the spiral. The spectator choose one card. The magician pulls the spiral from the deck and exactly that chosen card stays on the spiral.

Card Powder

Card Powder... To make really perfect fan of cards...


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